High Impact protection Kevlar case for Your iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Info

A high impact resistant 2x2 kevlar weave case with air pockets to help cushion impacts for maximum protect of your device, along with a scratch resistant clear poly shield to provide crystal clear viewing with max screen protection!

The Ridge Kevlar iPhone 12 Case (price as of writting $75.00)

The case is build solid and fit the iPhone 12 ProMax like a glove. Its is the only case I have had where I didn't have any see able gaps or between the case and my phone. The case it self is of very good construction. When things try to say they are made with military grade material you kinda get suspect as to how much of the material is being used, were happy to say it is made from Kevlar. Along with the tight fit and good construction this is probably the best case I could have bought for my iPhone.

Functionality with this case is also very good. I have had case in the past with other version of the iPhone & some fit okay so that meant the buttons worked but where kinda off. Since this case fits so well you don't have that problem. The button work with a light touch and everything function as if your phone was naked. The glass protective cover fitted seamless & all air bubble can quickly be eliminated with a little work for inside out.

Product Highlights:

Conclusion - This is a great case but for some it may be on the expensive side. For the same price you could get 2 lesser cases that won't fit your phone as well or provide the same level of protection. The case has a very nice slim fit and it doesn't slide out of your grip like many cheaper case would. I have dropped my phone a couple of times since getting this case and other than a couple small scratches that you would know were there unless I told you - NOTHING HAPPENED! Bottom line is YEAh I gonna pay the extra $30.00 to protect a phone that cost me 1200.00! I don't plan on buying a new phone for a while and this case gives me the protection to make sure that happens!!!

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Darryl Lipscomb

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