Most Affordable & Best Wireless headphones for College Students
By: D.L.

Alright lets first state that I was buying these headphones for my nephew that was going to be attending college and I agreed if he got into a good school I would get him a pair of top quality headphone for him to use. Now lets be absolutely clear I was not expecting win the bet but a deal is a deal. He gave me a list of headphones he wanted to get and I immediately saw a problem with his list he had NOT listed to or tried any of the head hones on his list. He simply went by what his friends (same age 18) were saying or by some one else reviews. I looked at his list and asked the question - What is a college kid doing with headphones that cost more than his laptop? I told him I would pick out the headphones and they would be everything he needed and more!

Good Headphone Characteristics:

The 5 most important characteristics of a pair of great headphones has to do with 2 important things in my opinion. Thge first veing volume! I have purchased headphone in the past based on just the looks and the brand to be deeply disapointed with the Max Volume coming from the phones. The next equally important is qualioty of the sound, specifically I means as the volume increases does the sound quality drop and you began hearing hissing and other noises. Let us now look at the 5 main charteristics of great headphones.

Top 5 Characteristics

Built to Last a School Year:

Beyond all the concerns of finding the right phones technically was will these things last a school year with a freshman student running around on campus from class to class. So I wasn't going to get something that when dropped would crumbs it pieces. These headphones had to be able to take some abuse but also function within all 5 characteristics of GOOD sound performance. Fortunately through some hard looking we found a set of really good headphones.

Affordability - The ability to Replace

Now we come to the biggest mark for most people looking for anything - THE PRICE! I told the kid there was NO WAY he was getting any headphone $200 or more. He told me about some phone one of his friends dad bought for his friend at around $180. My reply to him was can your reproduce or you afford to rep[lace them if they broke. His reply was really slow in coming. This is when I gave him a little advice about big purchases. You never buy something YOU can't AFFORD TO REPLACE or MAINTAIN! This include all major purchases you may make. Over extending yourself in times are good almost always leads to financial problems down the road. He agreed and said he understood and I showed him to 2 I had selected each slightly over $100. An amount he could afford to replace or save for in short order.

Conclusion - The headphones we settled on were "Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones". They meet every charter parameter, they are not that expensive that he could not replace them and the phone are really durable. I have a pair that are older and I have beat this things up for about 3 years now. I laughed when he said his fereind with the higher costing phone wants a pair like the one he got because they fit better in his backpack. I didn't hink about any backpack stuff, but wanted him to know how to make wise money decision so to get the most value for his dollar!

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Darryl Lipscomb

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