24 Watt Active Bookshelf Speakers by Edifier, for Inexpensive Surround Sound
24 Watt Active Bookshelf Speakers by Edifier

A semi-compact bookshelf speaker with 4-inch bass drivers and 13mm tweeters that deliver clean crisp sound coming from your Desktop, Laptop, TV, record players, and much more!

Edifier R980T 4" Active Bookshelf Speakers (Price @ time of writing - $89.99)

Perfect Well-Rounded Speakers for All Needs: Compact in size, the R980T is an efficient bookshelf solution for desktops and small spaces. Producing a total 21 watts of sound (12W RMS each), the R980T are the perfect well-rounded stereo speaker. Each speaker contains a 4-inch bass driver and 13mm tweeter that clearly replicates enjoyable sound for listeners.

Dual Inputs and Adjustable Bass: The R980T can be connected to more than one audio device through the two RCA inputs. Connect to both your PC and Television or record player with the R980T stereo speakers. No need to switch inputs. Master volume and bass knobs easily adjust both the audio and bass levels. These knobs are located on the back of the active speaker, allowing for a tailored listening experience.

Product Highlights:

Conclusion - These are the perfect DIY speakers for anyone looking to add sound to a space without spending over $1000! I used these speaker to add sound to my home office because I do allot of work in my office & I also watch videos, sports & some TV programs on my computer. With these positioned on opposit sides of the room behind me they create a surround sound real that is really amazing considering they costed me less than $100.00! If your looking for really good sound at a good price these speakers are for YOU!

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