Motion Picture Money

Prop Money - Motion Picture Money Prop Money Full Dollar Bills,Game Money Replace Money Stacks in Pretend Play Counting Money!

Copy Money It will not pass as real currency and cannot be modified to look exactly like real currency. Movie Prop Money Solely designed for Movies,TV,Videos,Advertising,Play,Training, Novelty and Media Productions. We don't skimp on quality. Each bill is printed on high quality paper and ink. Each bill lacks no defects. You can get one stack, 140PCS.$100(20 PCS), $20(20 PCS), $50(20 PCS), $10(20 PCS), $5(20PCS), $2(20PCS), $1 (20PCS) each note.

Conclusion - This is some fun stuff! Use it to play the game of Monopoly to add a bit realism to the game. Great for poker parties and family gamer night!

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